Going Home Interview

Questions from Karamjeet Nahal-Macdonald of FinalDraft:

Tell me about the series Going Home – what prompted that title and why six novels?

Well ironically the concept of a series title was required by KDP – the Amazon online publisher. I just came up with that to get through their labyrinthine form and get FEVER THERAPY out there. It only took me a fortnight to get it right – I thought time had stopped. But hey, thanks Kindle – good idea!

Okay, tell me more about the good idea.

Well that’s a dynamic behind the series – the fantastic buzz of piling into the car and heading North up the A65. Maybe the motivation for writing the stories came from that childhood love of Scotland as home and an unbroken affiliation that I always wanted to explore. But these books are not presented as retrospective. The closing chapters of the last one might marginally but with a very special twist which will shock some readers. These are thoroughly researched, imaginative stories – never a sappy look into a personal scrapbook.

So Scotland is Home?

Not only Scotland – everywhere should be home for everyone. Some might feel alienation walking up the driveway to Lord Dunabunk’s mansion; or through a grafittied inner city slum. Manhattan on a particular Sunday evening in February felt to me like the darkest place on earth. When the crowds depart they leave behind loneliness and striving, not natural beauty. For all kinds of reasons Scotland just feels more like somewhere I would be glad to identify with. That’s about a perception of flowing energy – not necessarily people as individuals.

I went to bed late cursing the online IT difficulties and woke up wishing I could have a break from working. In my head I could hear an amazing “Caledonian sounding” instrumental, actually called Coming Home, by Vinnie Moore. I love that sound, every time I hear it, it puts the hook in me and for some reason I always think of Scotland – the moorlands and the sea. Then I thought of that beautiful negro-spiritual feel to Dory Previn’s Going Home. Check out those two sounds anytime – they will blow you away.

And the six novels?

They will cover five generations of family that are open to memory. These are researched stories but they are not about actual people. They are not biographical. They are imaginative works lifted from half-forgotten but wonderfully spun stories my parents told me. In that quality I hope they refer to what was very much a traditional and cultural way the Irish and Western Highland generations had of relating tales from the past, or in speaking of momentous current events.