Fever Therapy

Smart and tough, John Harper, the farm boy from Morayshire is a perfect Bobby for the unforgiving streets of 1890’s Edinburgh. He’s a family man showing great promise. If he offers commitment, Inspector Brodie will help open doors for him . . . but Harper’s prodigiously talented wife, Hannah faces a future framed by inoperable cancer. In desperation he finds a way of saving Hannah from illness but can he save her from scientific distortions and drug company vested interests - or himself from accusations of corruption? 




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‘This is the first in a proposed six part series and in this, Mr Burnside has created strong characters, believable scenarios, has clearly done his research on the treatment of cancer and ties up all the loose ends very neatly, promising a good saga indeed.’      
Richard Tearle - Historical Novel Society ***** five stars
 'A great read which presents strongly portrayed characters facing life changing dilemmas. The descriptive passages bring to life the beauty of 19th century rural Scotland and the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh streets. Romance and heartache are at the heart of the book, but there are also more heavyweight themes running through the writing probing ideas which resonate in 2014. How far is society run for the benefit of greedy commercial interests? What chance have the poor and unconnected of getting justice? Most explosively of all the story probes the vested interests in the medical world which undermine and block treatments which might revolutionise cancer treatment. The ending of this novel is a triumph of tension and humour - it creeps up on the reader and brings together threads of the narrative brilliantly, leaving us wanting to read more of John Harper.'
EA Parsons **** four stars
'Fever Therapy is a funny, heart-wrenching and well researched novel about John Harper and his wife, Hannah - the first in a six part series, GOING HOME.' 
Author and editor Jessica Macdonald
'Just finished reading the excellent "Fever Therapy" which is part one of the promised "Going Home" series from new author, Jim Burnside. It was a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable read. The principal story line deals with the tumultuous and tragic fight against cancer of the protagonist’s wife, Hannah, whilst our hero, John Harper, juggles his family life and career as an astute and tough police man on the streets of Edinburgh in the 1890's. Whilst Hannah desperately battles the illness, Harper tries to uncover the truth behind an intriguing conspiracy focused on counterfeiting gangs operating in the cosmopolitan city. The authors' strengths lie principally in his uncanny eye for characterisation of both people and places. The bustling metropolis of Edinburgh at the end of the 19th century is contrasted with the stunningly drawn Highlands in a way which reminds me of the masterful eye-for-location epitomised by Steinbeck's love for California. The principal and indeed even minor characters are imbued with myriad complexity and depth - each character filling the mind’s eye as the author describes his or her background, makeup and secret motivations on a par with some of my favourite characterisation from the likes of the great John le Carre. The story builds with a compelling pace through twists and turmoil towards an uplifting and satisfying conclusion, and the first chapter of the next book in the series was included as a nice "amuse bouche" which merely whets the appetite for more of the same.' 10/10 
By Maccie 1986
'Jim I keep meaning to tell you I loved your book. Finished it about a month ago. The Scottish setting was so well depicted, I felt like I was watching a period drama. In fact it should be one. But the roller coaster in relationships, the politics in the establishments... Well they never change no matter how advanced we get. I never knew of this treatment. Real eye opener. Made me think of the leap in faith and challenge one has to face to try anything alternative in attempt to survive. In the first half I enjoyed reading of the charming couple Hannah & Harper and their beautiful family (age wise could really relate to them); and later the pace completely accelerated as the fever therapy began and the plot with the police. The twist at the end was joyful. I was just as stunned as Harper ... Didn't see it coming. But it brought the plots together perfectly and gave the book a triumphant end I felt.' 20 April 2015 00:06
Priya Spolia
Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase Five stars. 'I found this book a delight to read. The central characters are complex and strong, the writer bringing them to life in a magical way which allows them to leap out from the pages.This journey we are taken on with John and Hannah is both heart rending at times and life affirming.I couldn't tear myself away from this book.'
  'What a great read. I loved the movement in the story line. Look forward to the follow on book. Very well written and a great insight into life at that time.' 4 July 2014
Violet ***** five stars