The Longest Night

Published 29 Jul 2018


RSM Peter Macdonald, the Cameron 'lifer' earns his crust at the battle of Nonne Boschen Wood in November 1914. Vastly outnumbered, his battalion win in an incredible victory over elite Prussian Guards, with the help of intelligence gathered by his younger brother, Jim who has given up a promising career as an architect to sign up for King and Country. On leave but haunted by the faces of men he has killed, Peter falls under the spell of a widow, Sorcha Murray whose concerns lend purpose to the admonitions of anti-war activist, Hannah Harper. On return to the front, Peter detours to his youngest brother Ronnie's artillery unit - to tell him face-to-face the drastic news of his decision to finally quit the Army. Hannah’s words of wisdom may save Peter - but can she deter her fiancé, William from volunteering, 'to do his bit'?


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